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Doctors and scientists from our clinic have been working on the role of the immune system in cancer and chronic infectious diseases since 1985. Over the years, we have developed our personalized immunotherapy. Years of experience show that we are on the right track: with this treatment, we can offer our patients a targeted therapy that offers the possibility of gentle treatment as well as the best possible quality of life.

Unlike conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, which introduce toxic substances into the body or require harmful radiation, our immunotherapy is based on the patient’s own immune system.

Side effects of our therapy occur extremely rarely right after the vaccine is administered. They are usually very mild, flu-like in nature and subside very quickly. No other complications are observed. Therefore, our treatment does not require hospitalization of the patient and a single stay in the clinic does not last more than a few hours. Due to its mildness, the therapy can be combined with other methods of treatment.

Activation of the patient’s immune system

Each case of cancer is unique and requires a comprehensive analysis and treatment plan tailored to the patient. That is why we plan our immunotherapy individually for each patient and create a personalized treatment plan. Our immunotherapy mobilizes the body’s own immune response, enabling it to fight tumor growth.

Our treatment is based on a personalized vaccine that activates the body’s immune system to fight cancer. It always starts with a comprehensive analysis of the immune system through our laboratory. Based on these results, our team of doctors decides on the treatment and monitoring best suited to the patient.

Our immunotherapy consists of various treatments such as virotherapy, hyperthermia, dendritic vaccine and checkpoint inhibitor therapy. With this multimodal form of therapy, all types of solid tumors can be treated.