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Tips and Advice

Below you will find some tips that may be useful for some people during a difficult diagnosis, when doctors seem helpless, and during standard cancer treatment. Please note that we are not doctors, so do not consider these tips as definitive truths or medical advice. We write from the perspective of concerned parents who desperately sought a solution for their beloved son and did everything in their power to find a cure.

  • Diagnosis and the initial moments after hearing it are an absolute shock for you and your entire family. You will experience sadness, grief, despair, anger, helplessness, and many other negative emotions. Clench your teeth and endure this difficult time at all costs! Try to gather strength and find motivation. This is the beginning of the journey, a journey over which you might take control.
  • TAKE INITIATIVE! After recovering from the initial shock, realize that the initiative lies on your side. With all due respect to doctors, none of them wants to cure you as much as you do. Doctors follow protocols, but you seek effective solutions. It’s up to you. You want to live!
  • Try to learn as much as possible about your opponent. GATHER KNOWLEDGE! Identify the precise histopathological profile as quickly as possible. Read available information (online and in literature) about the disease you have been diagnosed with. Find out the treatment protocol your doctors plan to use and compare it with protocols in other European countries and rest of the world. Find, translate, and read medical publications, many of which are freely available online. Since they can be extensive, focus on important information for you, such as “abstract,” “summary,” or “conclusions” sections.
  • Consult your case with as many specialists (doctors) in your country and abroad as possible. Make phone calls. Send emails. You will get responses. The whole world speaks english! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
Tips and Advice
  • Look for both conventional and alternative treatment centers for cases similar to yours that have tangible, positive therapy outcomes. There are existing interesting treatment methods you and your doctor might not know of.
  • FIND THE CURED ONES! Thanks to smartphones, the whole world is at your fingertips. Utilize social media, especially Facebook groups, to find patients who have recovered from a disease similar to yours. Even if your diagnosis is exceptionally rare, know that there are at least a few people scattered around the world who have dealt with something similar. I assure you that patients who have experienced what you are going through now are one of the best, if not the best, sources of information for you.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of supplements and alternative methods. If you’re not inclined toward this, ask someone in your surroundings for help. Read and talk to specialists in these fields. Choose products wisely. Look for established protocols previously used in cases similar to yours. Write to us if you want to know which supplements we used.
Tips and Advice
  • Consolidate the knowledge you have gathered. After thorough research, you often come across information that is inaccessible to the average patient and even to doctors. Utilize this knowledge along with your intuition to consciously choose the path you want to take. The more you know, the more confidently you navigate the world of cancer.
  • DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE CONVENTIONAL TREATMENT! We do not recommend deviating from conventional protocols. Although we believe that chemotherapy and radiation are often “using a sledgehammer to crack a nut,” these methods have been curing people of cancer for decades, despite all the side effects they cause. Don’t be swayed by conspiracy theories. In many cases, traditional methods are the only ones that allow the cure or prolongation of a patient’s life
  • THINK POSITIVELY! It’s easy to say, but harder to implement in life. Of course, it’s very difficult to embrace positive thinking in the face of such a dreadful illness. However, realize that it is a crucial element of the journey that will end in your victory. Work on it. Visualize your dreams. Imagine your happy near and distant future. Feel the excitement and positive emotions you will experience when you are healthy and the disease becomes nothing more than a distant memory. Familiarize yourself with the law of attraction.
  • HOW TO FINANCE TREATMENT ABROAD? It’s obvious that receiving treatment abroad, in a private clinic, comes with enormous costs, often amounting to tens or even hundreds of thousands of euros. For most patients, financing such treatment with their own means is simply impossible. It was the same in our case. The total cost of Nikodem’s treatment exceeded 300,000 Euro. Huge thanks are due to the polish crowdfunding SIEPOMAGA. Without their help, the treatment would not have been possible. They, utilizing their years of experience and a large base of regular donors, conducted successful fundraising campaigns several times to cover the therapy costs. It is true that it is easier to raise funds for a sick child than for an adult, but there are crowdfundings that can efficiently organize fundraisers for adult patients as well (at least couple of them in United Kingdom). If you are interested in more information on how to start a fundraising campaign for treatment abroad, please feel free to contact us.