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About Us


We are former charges of a renowned German immuno-oncology clinic IOZK located in Cologne. The clinic is the pioneer in therapies such as the dendritic cell vaccine (DCT), hyperthermia, newcastle disease virus and others. 

Motivation to rise of this family initiative were the great benefits that the treatment brought to a member of our family and best experience at the clinic throughout the treatment.  We feel the need to make more patients  aware of this  innovative, scientifically proven methods of cancer treatment, as well as facilitating the access to this type of treatment. We are now closely cooperating  with the IOZK to deliver the most accurate information about the therapy provided at the clinic.

We offer:

  • pre-consultation regarding qualifications for treatment and its course

  • support in completing and translating medical documentation

  • support in organizing trips to the clinic

  • help in starting a fundraiser for treatment