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Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy

Cancer Treatment Without Side Effects

A New Perspective In Cancer Therapy

Fighting cancer using a patient’s own immune system has been a dream for centuries. In the 1990, the discovery of the possibility of cultivating dendritic cells brought us closer to its fulfillment. For this discovery, the “father of modern immunotherapy” Professor Ralph Steinmann was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2011.

Dendritic immunotherapy (DCT) has been the subject of intensified research around the world for the last decades. It is used in research and is increasingly used in many therapeutic clinics around the world. More than 7,000 scientific papers have been published on it, and it has been approved as a treatment in some countries, such as the US.

Kins 13

Comprehensive Combination

Our personalized immunotherapy targets the tumor without destroying healthy cells. We achieve this by combining different treatments.


Modern Cancer Therapy In The Heart Of Cologne

Our clinic has its own laboratory and is located in the center of Cologne, Germany. Our extensive treatment center consists of examination and consultation rooms, conference rooms, offices and modern laboratories of the highest standard.

About Us/Contact:

We are former charges of a renowned German immuno-oncology clinic IOZK located in Cologne. The clinic is the pioneer in therapies such as the dendritic cell vaccine (DCT), hyperthermia, newcastle disease virus and others.

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